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Carlos Jams with the Wailers in Charlotte, NC (March 30, 2002) 3/30/2002
photo: Adam

Jeff Beck, James Taylor Carlos and Karl Perazzo hang out back stage at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Benefit (6/6/04) 6/4/2004
photo: A. Fells

New Years Eve Jam 9/29/2000
photo: Adam

The office celebrates 9/29/2000
photo: Adam

Benny and Carlos in Nagasaki, Japan (July 28, 2005) 7/28/2005
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos & Fans interact 6/5/2005

Tommy Anthony and Andy Vargas warm up in Serbia on July 11th, 2009 7/11/2009
photo: Benny Rietveld

Santana Crew back stage in Greenwich, CT (6/18/05) 6/18/2005
photo: Hoss