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Carlos shares a spiritual moment with the fans in Osaka, Japan 7/30/2005
photo: Photo by Chin Fuji

Carlos and Jimmy Carter backstage at The Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway (12/11/02) 12/11/2002
photo: A. Fells

Benny has a green moment in Ontario (4/17/08) 4/17/2008
photo: Hal Miller

Myron and Andy in Santa Barbara, CA (10/7/02) 10/7/2002
photo: A. Fells

Band on Stage 3/26/2015
photo: Libby Fabro

Kevin’s birthday 9/29/2000
photo: Adam

Mexico City 3/28/2015
photo: Libby Fabro

Summerfest Milwaukee 7/1/2010
photo: Libby Fabro