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Carlos, Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock on stage in Osaka, Japan 7/30/2005
photo: Photo by Chin Fuji

Carlos & Buddy Guy Back Stage at the San Francisco Blues Festival (September 26, 2004) 9/26/2004
photo: Jay Blakesberg

CT & Herbie Hancock at “Hymns” sound check (7/15/04) 7/15/2004
photo: Hal Miller

Armando Peraza sits in 11/15/2000
photo: Adam

Raul Rekow 7/15/2012
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos plays “Nabu” for the first time in Oslo, Norway (8/30/03) 8/30/2003
photo: A. Fells

CT & Herbie Hancock backstage in Nagasaki, Japan (July 28, 2005) 7/25/2005
photo: Hal Miller

It’s Miller Time in Hannover, Germany (5/26/02) 5/26/2002
photo: Adam